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Our Guests are provided with the chance of orginising birthday parties and other children’s parties in our playhall. Make your child's birthday special, while getting an exempt from the preparations and orginizations!
We will make the arrangements for your child to have an amazing experience.

Parents can choose from various offers:
  Between 5-10 people Over 10 people
The rental fee of the small playhall 10.000 HUF/ 3 hours 15.000 HUF/ 3 hours
The rental fee of the small playhall with catering 6.000 HUF/ 3 hours 4.000 HUF/ 3 hours
Mini sandwiches, fruity lemonades 850 HUF/ person 850 HUF/ person
Available decorations
(ribbons, balloons, paper plates, glasses, etc.)
500 HUF/ person 500 HUF/ person
Usage of our Wellness Area 1.050 HUF/ person 950 HUF/ person

The parent of the celebrated person can use the wellness area for free of charge. Online booking