5600 Békéscsaba Kórház Street 4.


Hotel Munkácsy is offering a venue since it’s opening to smaller and larger conferences, partner meetings, business dinners, events. Our target is to give your event a pleasant hospitality and scene.


Large conference room

Our large conference room is 190 square meter with room for 120 people. It’s air-conditioned and has a good acoustic sounding, it’s also easily separatable. It’s got a pleasant natural light on it.


Small conference room

There is room for 30 people, air-conditioned and has a good acoustic sounding with also a pleasant natural light on it.

Our conference room prices with other services: For a whole day: For 4 hours: For minimum 2 hours:
Large conference room: 50.000 HUF 30.000 HUF 20.000 HUF
Small conference room: 30.000 HUF 20.000 HUF 15.000 HUF

Our prices are going to be change with the following services:

  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Presenter
  • Wireless microfon
  • Sounding
  • Podium
  • Wi-fi connection in the whole area of our Hotel
  • Flipchart boards
Food and Beverages can be provided in the conference room:
400 HUF
Szentkirályi still/sparkling water
220 HUF/bottle
Fizzy drink
250 HUF/bottle
Cappy juices
300 HUF/bottle
San Pellegrino still/sparkling water
350 HUF/bottle
Cookies (sweet and salty) 5-5 decagrammes each 500 HUF Fruit
500 HUF
Sandwiches 2 slice/person (Salami, Ham, Cheese variations or Sauages toppings)
890 HUF

We are also providing you free parking space in front of our Hotel.